Saturday, March 1, 2008

From Robin Bentley in Washington State

I didn’t know Lisa personally, but I had read her wise words, particularly on the Shine with Unschooling [email] list, over the years. Her messages often ended up in my “Important Posts” folder.

I do know people who were her friends and I know how they are both suffering and basking in the light of having known her.

On Tuesday morning, I was sitting in meditation, and Lisa came into my mind. I thought of her family, her husband Larry and daughters Roxy and Fire. I sent healing thoughts to them, across the miles. Suddenly, (and I’ve never felt this in my short meditation career) a weightlessness came over my body and I felt bathed in light. In that moment, I felt Lisa’s beautiful spirit lifiting me up. It was the most amazing experience and my tears flowed freely…

I wrote on one unschooling list, in response to Kelly’s post about Lisa, that her legacy to me was remembering to allow my daughter’s life to unfold, “in her own way, in her own time.” Though I’ve always subscribed to that idea, I am now taking it into my being in a new, more profound way.

Thank you, Lisa.

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