Saturday, March 1, 2008

From Francine Lucidon in New York

I didn't see Lisa often but I knew her well. We go way back.

Lisa was the person who always reached out in caring. She was an illuminated force that put caring into action - an inspiration to all of us.

She was the friend who, after I'd had an exceptionally rough and very public experience, called the next day to gently inquire, with no judgment, "Hey, how're you doing?" She was the one who always checked in, kept those lines of communication open, worked at building and keeping those bonds of community together. She was the one who showed up at our bookstore with her girls and left with armloads. "I HAVE to have hardcovers!" she grinned.

I can hear her voice so clearly, her fierce compassion, her strength, her bright, beautiful laughter. I join with our community in great sadness at her passing.

Francine Lucidon

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