Thursday, February 28, 2008

From Elizabeth Mayer in New York

I experienced a horrible pain to return from a trip and read about beautiful Lisa, and her family. I met Lisa and Roxanne only once; but often read Lisa's words and gained from her pearls of wisdom, her and her families gifts to us in sharing with the community and humanity. The world is a better place from the legacy of all Lisa offered and beauty. She instilled that in her daughters and they are incredible people.

Lisa always awed me with her unceasing energy and joy in life and her family. She was inspirational.

I tried to write Lisa in December to thank her for introducing our family to Thunder Ridge where we found a ski area and have been gently introducing Tamar and Eli to our beloved sport of skiing. The Wednesday we went Lisa and her gang were happily heading to Jay Peak to enjoy a great snow fall. My note to her bounced back to me so Lisa never received it. I thank her in my heart. Lisa impacted so many families as she nurtured us by sharing knowledge, creativity and an investment in all of the community.

I miss her so much already and do not even know that she knew how much she meant to me from reading all she wrote. I could not sleep last night. I keep thinking of her family and their tremendous loss. I have them all in my heart and will send them a card to share these thoughts.

I am very sad and emotionally impacted by this unexpected news.

Elizabeth Mayer

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