Thursday, February 28, 2008

From Kelli Traaseth in Minnesota

It's so hard for me to put strong feelings into words. I wrote a few things for my blog that I'd like to share here. Pretty much the fleeting feelings and thoughts that have been jumping through my brain for the last couple days. I keep telling myself to stay in that light and energy that Lisa would like, but it is really hard, I'm also so sad.

Sending our love to Larry and Roxy and Fire~


We love you.

We'll miss you and wish we had more time with you.

We'll revel in the amazing love you shared,

Remember the kindness you always showed us,

And hope to be as accepting as you always were.

An amazing woman, mother, wife and friend.

Our thoughts are surrounding you and your family~




Today we are missing a beautiful soul, but we will remember her light.

Today tears will be shed, but we will still laugh and find joy for Lisa and all our children.

Today I will rededicate a friendship circle. In Lisa's honor, I will let go of hurt feelings from past friendships and light a candle to celebrate my new friendships.

Today I will remember to be open and accepting and see the beauty of our life. Even in the face of sadness and death there is light, and there is hope.

Lisa's presence always filled me with light, love and energy.

So, even if you never knew Lisa, please give your kids a hug today in her honor. Give them a hug filled with light, love and energy. Laugh together, love together, don't miss a moment.

Live your life to the fullest.

Love, Kelli

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