Thursday, February 28, 2008

From Kathy in New York

I never met Lisa IRL [in real life], only through Funny, Runny and Shine [email lists: Families Unschooling in NY, Radical Unschoolers in NY, and Shine with Unschooling, respectively]. I admire her, truly. I love her post from Runny [which begins with]:
As i sit here to work on 4th quarter reports and year end for my two girls (or don't as i am a great procrastinator) i am struck by how i've been able to really reflect the unschooling nature of our lives and how much they learn within the realm of requirements and way way beyond what is listed. Certainly if you look at the regs for years 1 through 6 or 8 a child can't help but learn what is required. Even later readers aren't qualified in terms of what literature they need be exposed to in what manner and audio books have been the greatest benefit to our family. While i've used it myself in IHIP's, i've come to realize the worldbook outline makes it more complicated than need be. [it continues from here]

This is my favorite part of what she wrote:

My reports are not lists but sentences describing the activities and learning that happens. I also *have to* include my dd's [daughters'] evolving natures and who they are that is not required by the requirements. Without that, the reports do feel totally false.

Lisa didn't let the insensate reporting requirements define any part of Their Unschooling Lives. Yet, she just flowed with what was required in a way that is so admirable. She remains an inspiration to me, always.



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