Thursday, February 28, 2008

From Tracey Catanach in New York

I haven't ever met Lisa in person. I've known her for a short amount of time on various Yahoo Unschooling groups (FUNNY and then RUNNY), but I never quite got around to making the trip to her home for a meeting.

I have always respected Lisa and her family, and looked to them for guidance in this "radical" unschooling journey. I have learned SO MUCH from Lisa's posts and generosity. Whether the "discussion" was a Socrates quote or making financial decisions as a family, I've always looked forward to reading Lisa's replies.

Reading back through her posts today, I've re-learned a few things as well...and here's one of my favorite things that Lisa had to say:

[Lisa Heyman] I always find it interesting when life interrupts an intended journey - perhaps indicating there is another path that is of more significance at the moment.

:) Thank you for continuing to make me think, Lisa!

~Tracey Catanach in Western New York

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