Thursday, February 28, 2008

From Marianne Lelieveld in Holland

Hallo Marji sweetheart,

Thank you, thank you for sharing Lisa's parting here. I have been able to take part in and mourn Lisa's crossing over because of you. I have been able to cry and celebrate Lisa these past days because of your enormous generosity (and of course hers).

Lisa was my mentor. When our family visited Westchester (where our d.s. was born) she was always there welcoming us and drawing us into the unschooling circle she had around her. We joined in her ceramics class at Garrison and cooled down at the lake close/next to her home.

Over the years she patiently and warmly answered all my email questions and gave me information that I've shared with my homeschooling friends here in Holland. Lisa inspired me and many of my Dutch friends. Because of Lisa my family and other homeschoolers on this side of the Atlantic are leading enriched lives.

My thoughts are with you and others here that shared their lives with Lisa. You must miss her so. I cannot begin to imagine how her beautiful daughters and husband are doing without her.

In sadness and happiness,
With many thanks, warm blessings and hugs,

Marianne Lelieveld

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