Thursday, February 28, 2008

From Mary Ann Baiyor in New York

[Mary Ann manages and edits the Tri-County Homeschoolers email loop and newsletter, and this is what she submitted]

Lisa Heyman was buried yesterday on a beautiful hilltop in Putnam Valley, surrounded by hundreds of family and friends to mourn her passing and celebrate her life. Many of us were dressed in the brightest of bright clothing. :-)

People spoke of the passion, energy and vitality that Lisa brought to everything she did. I saw her legacy in her beautiful children, Roxy and Fire. I was struck by both the grief and the composure of her loving husband, Larry. We all felt deeply her too-early death.

As we stood in the frigid cold on this icy, wind-swept hill I thought of how Lisa would have loved that day. She was an intrepid soul, not cowed by anything like a little cold weather or some snow or ice. I felt her presence and her strength and I resolved to carry her spirit and vitality forward in this community and the bigger world beyond.

Reading [the contributions to this tribute to Lisa] reminded me of how much Lisa gave to everyone she touched. Thank you, Lisa, we will not forget you!

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Aimee said...

I met Lisa at the Unschoolers conference in Peabody, MA, in 2004. My daughter met Roxy and our families came together. I was new to homeschooling, and newer to unschooling, and Lisa and her family were the perfect people to meet! We have only had contact a few times since then, but I have used Lisa’s life as a guide to my unschooling. Her light was evident in the beauty of her children, and my heart is breaking for them now.
Aimee Vanduyne