Thursday, February 28, 2008

From Vicki Harkness in New York

I never had the privilege of meeting Lisa in person. We emailed back and forth and of course I read all of the beautiful and very insightful postings on the various unschooling lists that we both belonged to.

When I introduced myself on the RUNNY [Radical Unschoolers in NY email] list, Lisa had asked if they could come to our farm. I said of course and looked forward to their visit. Due to her declining health, they were never able to make that visit. If her family still wants to come to the farm, I hope they do, as they are most welcome!

I am so saddened by her loss and feel empty. To me, Lisa felt like a grounding rod of our unschooling community. Reading her posts helped me stay true to what I believed in, her posts always seemed to remind me to stay focused and grounded.

I am so sad to have not met her in person. Yesterday as I was searching for an email in my inbox, one of Lisa's emails popped up. I sat there and read it with tears flowing down my cheeks.

Lisa, you touched me so. We will miss you.

With love,
Vicki Harkness
Millbrook NY

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