Thursday, February 28, 2008

From Joanna Faber in New York

Lisa. How could you not smile whenever you saw her coming toward you with that big, warm grin on her beautiful round face? Her curls sproinging around her head perfectly illustrating her energetic, nonconformist personality.

I was only an acquaintance, but I always felt good about being part of her community after running into her at the beach, the library or the Learning Center. Talking about raising children, alternative schooling, eating raw food, politics, always that generosity of spirit that let you agree or disagree and still feel embraced. Her happiness and passion for life and for her children was always shining through. It shines through her daughters as well.

I remember that art class Roxanne gave to the little kids, including my son, at the learning center. She was so young and yet already so confident, creative and caring of the littler ones. A tribute to her mom, but with her own special style.

It doesn't seem possible that Lisa can be gone. Not fair, too soon, too soon!

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